Compact and Mobile ROVs

Remote Imaging Solutions has recently been engaged for its experience and professionalism in the use of  MiniROVs helping businesses overcome a range of problems. With the SeaBotix LBV150 ROV, the team has worked on tasks ranging from internal tank inspections using an ultrasonic thickness measurement device to depth and seabed surveys on wharves and sensitive maritime environments.

When you need to get Ultrasonic Thickness readings as part of a Non-Destructive Testing Program inside a tank full of water, putting a diver in and all the risks, costs and time involved is a great concern. Why not use an ROV? With a fibre optic tether and live video feed via high definition camera, it makes sense to use an ROV and get the job done safely and in a timely manner. At Remote Imaging Solutions we can use a range of tooling inside a tank and do what is required for our clients.

If there is a need to see what is at the bottom of a wharf area or find out what is happening over time on a seabed, again, replacing divers with our ROVs is a benefit that customers are realising more and more.  With electronically controlled thrusters and no harmful substances onboard our ROVs these systems present a low risk to the environment. Remote Imaging Solutions can mobilise its gear and be on site with all the required systems in 24 hours and get the ROV in the water to start achieving the goals of the job. Make sure you check out our aerial work as well in previous posts to see how we can capture imagery, ‘From Above and Below‘.

Wharf inspection to see what is on the seabed and the state of the pylons
Wharf inspection to see what is on the seabed and the state of the pylons

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