About Remote Imaging Solutions

Remote Imaging Solutions is a professional data collection company who utilise Unmanned technology as a safe means for collecting data for our clients.

Formed by professional like-minded personnel, Remote Imaging Solutions continues to hold a highly regarded reputation within the UAV and ROV industries. With a proven professional track record, Remote Imaging Solutions can provide a low-cost world-class service to your industry today.

With many years of experience in the Defence, Oil & Gas and Mining industries, Remote Imaging Solutions can quickly adapt to the environment which they are operating in. With an engineering team on hand, Remote Imaging Solutions can custom engineer our equipment which will best suit our clients needs. Having been the world’s first to complete several tasks on hand, Remote Imaging Solutions is equipped with the latest technology on hand and is up for any challenge that may arise at short notice.

Meet the team


Sean O’Grady

Sean is the Director and founder of Remote Imaging Solutions in 2017. Sean is a veteran having served in the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronics Technician on the Collins Class Submarines for eight years. As an Electronics Technician, Sean was able to master all the elements that make a submarine a formidable asset for the Government while operating in a safe manner. He understands the importance of trust and competence in an environment of high risk. These are skills that are invaluable when operating a UAV under the regulations of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority or putting a submersible vehicle in the water around a multi-million-dollar asset.

After leaving the military Sean worked as a ROV pilot in the Oil & Gas industry for 12 years operating for many different companies in Australia and Overseas. Sean has countless hours operating the ROV and UAV.


Neil O’Grady

Neil is the Director and Chief Pilot for Remote Imaging Solutions and holds a wide range of experience and knowledge of operating and maintaining Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Having served in the Australian Regular Army for 11 years, Neil left the military as a Non-Commissioned Officer and holds a vast range of management, leadership and training skills.

Neil has become the subject matter expert with operating and maintaining the companies Remotely Operated Fleet and is able to ensure that all assets are maintained to the highest standard.

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