Synergy Rehabilitation Inspections – Jun 2020

Remote Imaging Solutions were engaged to inspect the rehabilitation area at Kwinana Power Station for asset management. The task in hand involved inspecting Perth’s iconic exhaust stack which required CASA approval for operating RPAS/UAVs above 400ft (120m). Two personnel from our RIS team carried out the task ensuring the operation was carried out safely and effectively.

Vestas Wind Turbine Inspection – Sep 2019

RIS recently conducted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) wind turbine blade inspections in South Australia. RIS utilised optical and thermal sensors simultaneously in order to capture and reference data. Presently this scope of work is conducted with traditional methods with the use of Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) and rope access technicians in order to achieve a full and thorough blade inspection. These methods are generally time consuming, costly and limited to relatively low threshold environmental conditions.

With the use of a UAV and thermal sensor, RIS were able to complete a thorough blade inspection in minimum time and analyse the internal blade structure. This provided maintenance crews with vital information to categorise and prioritise maintenance activities based on the findings. This also freed maintenance crews to conduct other priority maintenance tasks whilst RIS collected data for annual blade inspections.

Whyalla Wharf Inspection – Jul 2019

A Survey report and data set of the Inner Harbour was requested by SIMEC Mining to utilise Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) as a means of data collection. The seabed survey was conducted onboard Whyalla Diving Services vessel with four crew members as an efficient method of launching, operating and re-locating for the dives. The survey was conducted to produce position data of seabed debris in anticipation for potential debris removal and re-commissioning activities. A detailed report along with navigational tracking for locating the coordinates of the debris were handed to the client for assessment.

Guidera O’Connor 3D model – Jun 2018

Remote Imaging Solutions used a Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) to produce a geo-referenced 3D model of the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades on Garden Island Western Australia. The post processing of 3D models was conducted by our highly trained staff to ensure the output of the model and geo-referenced coordinates were within high accuracy. The 3D model generated by RIS personnel gave the Engineers at Guidera O’Conner the capability to design the upgrades on their CAD software.

Synergy Gas Turbine Stack Inspection – May 2018

Remote Imaging Solutions was awarded the task to conduct RPAS/UAV inspections for two GE LMS100 aero derivative gas turbines exhaust stacks during the maintenance shutdown period at Kwinana Power Station in Western Australia. Both internal and external inspections were to be carried out, with the use of multi-rotor UAV’s.

UAV inspections of the exhaust stack top cover provides a low risk solution for gathering vital information.  With the use of a RPAS/UAV, it can be clearly identified if debris is caught in the top cover during the operation of the Gas Turbines. Shackles secured on the top cover are also inspected, providing quality data for asset management and to ensure the security of the screen.

Naval Ship Management Hull Inspections – Apr 2018

Remote Imaging Solutions were contacted to conduct ANZAC Class hull inspections with the use of ROVs for Naval Ship Management. The task was a success by eliminating the risk of using divers for inspecting the hull after a clean. The task included general visual inspections (GVI) and close visual inspections (CVI) where required on the fouling coverage. The system used for the task was the Seabotix vLBV 300, supplied and operated by Remote Imaging Solutions (RIS) personnel.

Duratec Wharf Inspection – Nov 2017

Remote Imaging Solutions has been engaged to conduct components of underwater wharf surveys using our Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for Duratec Australia as part of the Redevelopment Phase for HMAS Stirling. The task involved using observation class ROVs which were hand launched from the wharf and operated by our highly skilled ROV pilots. Important data sets were collected in a short period of time for our client to review in order to get a better understanding of the current structure’s integrity.

BAE Navigational Lights – Jun 2017

Remote Imaging Solutions used a Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) to assist with BAE with checking HMAS Stuarts navigational lights prior to sail.  Night flying was conducted for BAE to verify the visual cut-outs of HMAS Stuart’s masthead lights prior to it sailing. A UAV was the quick and cost-effective means to check these lights that were being obstructed from view at certain points normally visible by personnel on the ground. During the operation BAE communicated with the pilot of the RPAS and its payload operator to enable correct alignment of RPAS relative to HMAS Stuart.

Lloyd’s Register Fuel Tank Inspection – May 2017 

Internal tank inspections of HMAS Sirius were conducted with the us of RPAS/UAV for its five-year rolling hull survey. RIS personnel managed to capture imagery for a representative of Lloyd’s Register as required to certify these tanks. Use of a UAV meant that in this case no rigging or scaffolding was needed to see certain points in the tank at height of 10-12m. Being able to use a UAV inside the tanks was a quick and effective means of collecting important data sets which were used to make a quick assessment.

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