Subsea (ROV)

Subsea ROV Remotely Operated Inspection Services Australia

Remote Imaging Solutions have obtained years of experience operating ROVs across Australia and abroad

We have operated in diverse scopes of subsea work offshore and onshore for our clients. With our observation class ROVs we can provide a safe and cost-effective solution for capturing subsea data eliminating the risk of having divers in the water.

Our ROV pilots are available at short notice and can travel to your location with the ROV on commercial flights. All our ROV pilots are highly trained and all obtain industry experience to ensure quality data sets are provided for the client.

Subsea Visual Inspections

RIS can conduct General Visual Inspections (GVI) and Close Visual Inspections (CVI) on underwater structures. With the use of the correct cameras and lighting, valuable data can be captured for analysing your assets. High definition cameras are used with the option of 4k video.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

RIS can conduct NDT with the use of UT probes on underwater structures. It can be used to inspect inside pipelines and other difficult to reach places where it is too dangerous for divers to go. It is also ideal for taking thickness measurements on ships hulls at the same time as doing visual inspection.


The ability to conduct inspections without dry docking saves the client a lot of time and money. We service all vessel types including Navy ships, drill ships, FPSOs, Supply Vessels, Semi-Submersibles, Tankers, Passenger Ships, Barges & more. We can also survey internal full ballast water tanks.

Water Tank Inspections/Cleaning

With the use of observation class ROVs, RIS is able inspect inside water tanks for asset management. With the attachment of crawler skids, the water tanks can be cleaned by our ROVs without the requirement of draining the tanks. Our ROVs contain no hazardous chemicals so there is no risk contaminating the water.

Pressure Cleaning

RIS can provide high pressure water blasting to clean any marine growth on hard structures prior to conducting a Close Visual Inspection. The high pressure blaster is attached to the ROV and uses sea water to effectively clean the structures surface

Pipeline Inspections

With the use of pipe crawlers and our observation class ROVs, RIS can inspect inside pipelines for any defects or problematic areas. With the use of high definition cameras and bright LEDs, the pipe can be effectively inspected and we can determine the root cause of the problem in a short period of time.

3D Modelling

RIS can conduct 3D modelling of underwater structures for a detailed examination and engineering purposes. With the use of multi beam sonars and 3D laser scanning technology, the subsea structures can be 3D modelled which can be uploaded to your CAD software for future reference.

Seabed Survey

With the use of observation class ROVs equipped with High Definition cameras and navigational equipment, RIS can conduct seabed surveys over certain areas. Tracking where the ROV has been we are able to log coordinates in the water of certain points of interest.

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